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Membrane Switches

Manufactured in-house all of our Membrane Switches are guaranteed for 1 year. Materials for each product vary depending on what it is being used for. If a product has no blue prints, Reverse Engineering is always an option.

We proudly service the following industries:

Medical, Aerospace, Food Industry, Fitness, Military, ATM's, Gas and Petroleum Pumps.

Tactile or Non-Tactile Membrane Switch

For low budget projects:

 we offer Non-Tactile Membrane Switches Digital Printed Graphics ask our team for the best option. 

MST Group's Tactile and Non-Tactile Membrane Switches deliver unparalleled value and flexibility in construction, design and performance. Our resistive touch screens are manufactured to meet your exact specifications. 


Contact one of our professionals today for a free consultation.


High Performing Membrane Switches, Manufactured Above  Industry Standards.

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